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Our Hisitory
Kun Shan Variety Plastic & Hardware (KTK) Co., Ltd.

Founder: Jimmy Chang

KTK, founded by Mr. Jimmy Chang in 1993, grew from 4 blow molding machines to 40 machines with over 240 employees.

Contributes more than 30 years in China mainland, and his words “ we are KTK, we are family“ are in every KTK members’ mind.

Kun Shan Variety Plastic & Hardware (KTK) Co., Ltd.

Chairman: Kevin Chang

As the son of Jimmy, Mr. Kevin Chang took over the management responsibility as 2nd generation for KTK since 2018.

Adhering to his father's mission, a new KTK with more talents to work as a team is built up under the leadership of Kevin. We are KTK! We are a team!

Kun Shan Variety Plastic & Hardware (KTK) Co., Ltd.

General Manager: Andrea Cantinotti

Mr. Andrea Cantinotti was appointed to be the successor to take the responsibility and position of General Manager of KTK since 2018.

A significant milestone of KTK, what he will do is leading all KTK members moving further with the expectation of Jimmy and Kevin.

  • 1979

    Head office in Taiwan

  • 1993

    Factory in China

  • 1994

    Start from 4 machines

  • 1995

    Start the business of tool box

  • 1998

    Start the business withThermos

  • 2000

    Introduced #53A machine (φ130)

  • 2003

    Start the business of folding furniture

  • 2005

    Start the business of automotive parts

  • 2011

    38 machines

  • 2014

    Move to New Facility

  • 2018

    New Management Team

  • 2019

    3D Blow Molding

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