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Plastic Furniture May Become a New Trend

Dec. 09, 2020

Plastic Furniture May Become a New Trend

In recent years, plastic furniture has become more and more popular abroad. In Europe, plastic furniture is especially popular among young people with higher education. They like to decorate their small homes in a simple style, using colorful plastic transparent The furniture brightens the room.

Compared with furniture made of wood or metal materials, plastic furniture is extremely malleable and can be processed into any shape. At the same time, it has rich colors and cleverly matches with other furniture to beautify the room. Most importantly, plastic furniture can be recycled and used to minimize environmental pollution. This is undoubtedly a big advantage for modern people who value environmental protection and quality of life. Therefore, it is more and more popular among furniture designers and manufacturers.

Some excellent designers have infiltrated their avant-garde design concepts into the design of plastic furniture, and perfectly combined the practical and aesthetic functions of furniture, presenting us not only the necessities of life but also artworks with ornamental value.

Plastic furniture represents not only cheapness but also unique and elegant taste and a new taste of life. From the Milan International Furniture Fair in recent years, the return of the plastic furniture trend can be felt. Plastic furniture will definitely be in the Chinese furniture market shine on.

When people are pursuing mahogany and leather, plastic, which is a little-known material, has been put on the stage. At least one problem is explained. The tentacles of the low-carbon economy have penetrated into all walks of life. This is the trend of the general environment.

The growth of any new thing requires a process. In the traditional concept, plastic furniture represents the lowest-end products and is not worthy of being elegant. However, this requires an opportunity. Plastic furniture must be able to "serve the table" and open an unusual and personalized road. The rapid development of the furniture plastic industry lies in the influence of the following favorable factors:

First of all, China’s policies introduced this year encourage foreign investors to invest in multiple plastic building materials projects such as replacing steel with plastic and replacing wood with plastic, bringing great development opportunities for plastic furniture and driving the rapid development of the industry.

Secondly, in recent years, investment in infrastructure construction has continued to increase, which also provides a huge market for the plastic furniture industry. According to the current market share of plastic furniture, there are about 175 million square meters of plastic furniture construction tasks every year.

Plastic Furniture

Third, in accordance with the national "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", the future market capacity of energy-saving materials and technologies can reach several trillion yuan, providing huge space for the development of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly plastic building materials. Plastic furniture is gradually becoming a new force in the furniture industry with its bold use of colors and fashionable design style.

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